Pavilion and Old Shelter House
which seat 6-8, 8 - 8 ft long tables which seat 8, &  4 - 6 ft long tables which seat 6 ( these are
the new Lifetime tables). We also have 4, 6 foot long tables in the back room available for

4-Hour Rate only available Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays)

Proof of liability insurance certificate required for Commercial Rental.  See Pavilion
application for information

Pavilion Rental Information

Must be 21 to rent pavilion.

Payment of one-half of type of rental (commercial or non-commercial) must be paid
to confirm or lock in reservation for date requested.


Lessee shall obtain and keep in effect during the term of the rental, commercial
liability insurance on an occurrence from covering lessee and its activities and/or use
of the Leased Premises and providing limits of not less than $1,000,000.00 each

If alcoholic beverages will be served or present at the event, lessee must
provide a licensed bartender, proper insurance, and any and all permits for
state and local governments.  Lessee shall provide the business office with
photocopies of any and all permits issues allowing the service of alcoholic
beverages during the lease period. Permits require 4-6 weeks to obtain.

Pavilion and Old Shelter House Availability

Pavilion Application
Commercial                                                                   $420.00*
Non-Commercial                                                            $3
4 Hour Rate: commercial rate                                          $210.00*
4 Hour Rate: non-commercial rate                                   $1
The Old Shelter House is located right across the street
from the Beach & Water slide.  There is also a
volleyball net, horseshoe pit, & grill that are available
for use during the rental of the Old Shelter House.  

OSH with Guests paying a $2.00 park entry fee:   $  50.00
OSH with guests get in for free:                               $  84.00